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Om Sri Sivadurga Jyothishyam Trusted by More Than 1500+ Clients

Meet Vedabhrama Pandit Shiv Shankar Guruji. Guruji has experience of 25 years. He has solved multiple problems.He is known as famous astrologer in hyderabad. om sri siva durga jyothishyam treats everyone equally & we provide services at affordable cost. All you need is to just believe in guruji & rest he will take care.

Why Customers Trust Us?

At Om Sri Sivadurga Jyothishyam we have solved all types of probems.Our main goal is to provide good quality service and keeping their information private.

We are here Support & Care

Not just astrology, We cares everything in your life

Commitment to Quality

Our dedication to provide high-quality services.

Experienced Astrologers

We make sure customers should feel confident in choosing us.

Our Vision & Mission

We’re here because more and more young people are looking for ways to feel good mentally, and we want to help them out. Our goal is to make sure they get right solutions. We’re always looking ahead to see how we can do better.

How We Want To See the Future Of Our Clients

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